• Ionia Public Schools (IPS) is proud to partner with the USDA and MDE to provide free breakfast and lunch for all IPS students each school day during the 2022-2023 school year.  In order to ensure that our District qualifies for a variety of supplemental funding and programs, we need each household to fill out and sign the Household Information Report.  Please click on this link and then click on Apply for Benefits and follow the steps.  This report is critical in determining the amount of money that our District receives from State and Federal supplemental programs like Title 1A, At-risk (3 la), Title II A, E-Rate, etc. 

    These supplemental programs have the potential to offer supports and services for our students including, but not limited to:

    • Instructional supports (staff, supplies & materials, etc)
    • Non-instructional services (counseling, social work, health services, etc)
    • Professional learning for staff
    • Parent and community engagement supplies and activities
    • Technology

    All information submitted on the report submitted is confidential.  Without your assistance in completing and returning the Household Information Report, our schools cannot maximize the use of available State and Federal funds.  

    Please contact our Food Services Department at 616-527-1731 for further assistance.