• Communicable Diseases:


    Communicable disease control is an integral part of school health service. The school follows current public health practices, rules, and regulations governing the control and prevention of communicable disease that are set up by the state and county health departments. We suggest that you follow the directions listed below when returning your child to school after an illness.


    Please notify the school if your student has been diagnosed with or you suspect they have a communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, fifth disease, head lice, pink eye, scabies, strep throat, etc. This allows us to take proper precautions to try to prevent the spread of communicable diseases throughout the school.



    May Return

    Approximate Time

    “Blushing”/Fifths Disease

    No temperature above 100.

    24 hours.

    Cold Symptoms

    Reduction of cough, no temperature above 100, clear, runny nose.

    24 hours.


    Chicken Pox

    No NEW eruptions or fever, may have old dry scabs.

    One Week.


    Will need medical clearance.



    After 24 hours on medication.

    May return to school under treatment for 24 hours and lesions               are healing.

    Measles, Rubella, Three day

    No rash or fever, red eyes, or runny nose.

    7- 10 days (Will need medical clearance)

    Meningitis (Viral/Bacterial)

    Will need medical clearance.



    Absence of all symptoms. Will need medical clearance.


    Exclude until able to tolerate activity; exclude from contact sports until recovered.


    Depending on condition.

    MRSA (staph infection)           


    Wound needs to be covered and without drainage. Exclude from contact sports until medically cleared.



    No swelling, fever, chills or headache.

    1-2 weeks

    Pediculosis (head lice)

    No live bugs or nits.


    Pink Eye

    No observable mucus in eyes or eyelash after 24 hours on antibiotic

    Bacterial: After 24 hours of treatment.

    Strep infection (Scarlet Fever, Strep Throat, Scarlatina)

    Doctor’s permission.

    Depends on condition- Strep throat/Scarlet fever:  After 24 hours of antimicrobial therapy.


    Round rash is fading, may return after 24 hours of treatment



    Once treatment is completed.