eat up sign
  • We will be providing food to any child, (ages 0-18 or up to 26 with a disability).

    Program distribution days, times and locations for the Summer 2022 "Meet Up and Eat Up" will be posted later:

    Jefferson Elementary     

    Twin Rivers Elementary 

    Ionia High School           

    Here is how it will work:  To be announced soon.

     We understand that parents still have to work and some students may not have an adult to bring
    them or to pick up their food.

    Students (with parent permission) are still able to walk, bike, etc... to
    pick up their breakfast and lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at:

    Twin Rivers Elementary  11am-12:00 pm 

    Jefferson Elementary   11am-12:00 pm

    Meals will be served in a “grab and go” format.

    We will be using a tally system to track numbers, and do not need any names. Students do not have
    to attend Ionia Public Schools as our goal is to feed children, no matter what school they
    attend. Meals are free to all students. No questions asked, no ID required, no proof of residency
    needed. Again, meals are free to all children.

    Please take advantage of this opportunity to feed the children of our area.

eat up sign