Each student is urged to participate in one or more extra-curricular activities to be a doer and not a watcher.  Students should join activities that interest them.  There are athletics, music, drama and subject-oriented clubs, student council, publications, and interest groups.  When a student commits to an activity, they owe it their best efforts.

    If a student falls behind in their schoolwork, extra help and teacher conferences take precedence over any extra-curricular activity, and they may be requested to drop extra activities.  

    Citizenship and proper behavior are expected of all students representing IHS.  A student may be removed from extra-curricular activities if they fail to meet these guidelines.  Failing to meet behavioral guidelines outlined in the Athletic Code will result in removal from leadership positions or from any honorary positions in extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations.

    While there is no disputing the important place grades hold in education, the most vital factor is the total education an individual accumulates. In order to take advantage of extra learning opportunities, students should plan their activity schedule carefully.  A student should not become overloaded.  The parents are to be fully informed of each extra-curricular activity in which their student participates, its hours, schedules, practice sessions, and performances.

    Activities will be scheduled during the day or after school at times convenient for the group and its advisers.  No students are to remain after school unless requested or participating in activities supervised by an advisor.

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